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I just watch Selena and I’m having a moment

Before Jlo & Beyonce there was Selena!

this post was not about bringing other successful women down. Fuck wrong with you

You must have a reading problem because I didn’t tear down anyone. I’m stating facts. When its comes to talent and a banging body Selena was doing it before JLo & Beyonce blew up. Sit!

and artists had natural bangin bodies and talent before Selena as well. So now tell me this, Did i ask you for you opinion? No. Was this post asking you a question? No. All you had to do was reblog and Get the fuck on.

Lord Child why are you in your feelings? You must be new to Tumblr lol You didn’t have to solicit my opinion in order for me to give one. I reblogged your post & added my caption. It’s done!

Yes we all know there were people before Selena, but that doesn’t negate the fact the she still did it before Bey & JLO. End of story & this conversation, you have a good night lol




"They hate when they can’t get their almond milk"


Hehe Drake made a funny.

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